What is Film Robots?

Film Robots is a newsletter* highlighting eye & brain candy at the intersection of film & AI. I found it was hard to find the best, most thoughtful stuff…so my goal is to help you:

  • Find the most beautiful, strange, and inspiring films and videos made with AI.

  • Hear from filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and experts at the forefront of film & AI.

  • Navigate how you can incorporate AI (or better incorporate AI!) into your creative work—ethically and effectively.

Oh, and I’ll also share an image or gif of a cute baby animal at the end of every newsletter.

Gimme the deets.

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Who are you?

Film Robots is made by Kristina Budelis, aka Kris (either is fine…seriously). That’s me, hi! I’m a film director/producer/EP (with films at Tribeca Film Festival, The New Yorker, Vogue, NBC, etc) and a media entrepreneur. I started my career at The New Yorker, where I helped start and run the video and film department. I’ve also worked at The New York Times (as a product lead in the new products division), and consulted for several startups. I cofounded KitSplit, a venture-backed startup with 50k filmmakers sharing $250M worth of gear that’s been called "The Airbnb of Cameras" by Forbes and Fast Company. I’ve worked at the intersection of film, storytelling, and emerging technology for 10+ years.

*And—coming soon—film studio and consultancy! But we’ll focus on the newsletter part here.

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Inspiration at the intersection of film & AI. Plus an image of a cute baby animal.


Entrepreneur, product leader, and filmmaker. Writing about AI & Film. Prev @Forbesunder30 in media, @newyorktimes, cofounder @kitsplit, @newyorker. You can call me Kris. Nice to meet you! 🎥💻🐱💃